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List ten things that make you happy:

1. All of my friends. They make me happier than I could ever describe, and I love them all to pieces uvu
2. Helping others. It's the only thing I really am useful for, and I'm glad to do so.
3. Drawing and doodling. I get frustrated with it often, but if I look back at it, I guess I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
4. Bouncy gifs. I just really like them and they're cute ;v;
5. I really enjoy listening to music, and it's something that helps me focus on what I'm doing. Detektivbyrån's music is very nice to listen to, and it makes me smile when I hear it. Steam Powered Giraffe, as well.
6. Watching my favourite commentators on YouTube. ^^ 
7. J.J. Abrams, Tim Burton, and Hayao Miyazaki. They are fantastic and highly inspiring people.
8. Cats. They're really cool and I look up to them. uvu
9. My pets. They're cute, and I love them.
10. Eyes. I think they're all really pretty, and something inside me lights up when I look at them. I don't know, they just really make me happy.

Bluhh you know things about me now
I tag the face of anyone who feels like doing this meme because I'm too sleepy to tag people.
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Submitted on
June 20, 2013


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